Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Weak Shall Inherit the Earth

The sun set even as I begged her not to. The wind blew much as I held onto to her to dissuade her. The clouds drifted off yet they promised to watch over me. The earth stood still a while longer. But the rains came and washed it away. I fell apart yet I had promised to hold myself together. My heart was soft as cotton one day, grew hard as marble the next day and shattered to pieces as everyone and everything took to the road and walked away.
I begged my eyes remain firm, gazed to the horizon. I held back my tears and gazed at the orange glow. The moment passes by and yet I remain deathly still. Will everything remain the same if I held my breath? If I don’t move, will the fragile world last a while longer. Will the peace that resides in the thin walls of my heart hold or will it shatter apart?
The peace shattered apart!
My tears fell down as streams to the river. The orange glow dimmed. Faded. Died, the darkness covered me. The chirp of the birds ceased. The cloak of darkness covered me, held me fast; subdued my screams. Those who heard me turned away. Went on with their lives, even as my lungs burned like cinders from my earsplitting screams. The wheels of time spared not a moment to acknowledge me. My sacrifice. They gave no thought to this ant that the shoe had crashed to dust.
How can I learn to live when everyday is a new day, old lessons soon forgotten. How can I love when everyday is a new emotion, which I have to fight, conquer, or yield to. How I live in a world of varying maxims. Cut me a cloth and dress me up in it so I may never have to worry about fitting in with the crowd. But alas! I have no cloth to wear. I have two eyes but one eye squinted, I have two ears, but one ear deaf, I have a mouth and no words to fill it, I have two legs, one leg short. I have a heart, but it beats out of tune. It murmurs and might soon give up the fight, though not from lack of love. SIMPLY FAULTY APPARATUS. It sucks being me. One day, I hope, the weak shall inherit the earth!



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