Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Love truly, truly
Hold back nothing
Give up everything
For love
Hurt heart-breakingly
Until all the love you felt
Is spent

Laugh loudly, boldly
Crack a rib
With each ripple of laughter
When time comes
Weep heart-wrenchingly
Wipe away all the happiness
From your memory

Live wholesomely
If you want something
Love it, laugh when you get it
And live with it
And when the time comes
For we all must die
Have no regret
Because you have lived


FoodieLover said...

i really really like this post.. certainly i'm going to keep this..and share it with my friends and family.. (^____^)

Son Of A Gun said...

thank you Philon for appreciating

Nadia said...

you know a poem's good when you read it only once but you can relate.

Sydney Mugerwa said...

Thank you Nadia. I already have a chemistry with your music blog :)


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