Monday, January 30, 2012



I found the prettiest pumpkin today, half-buried in the mud by the river. I did not steal her, she is mine by right, as you know~FOUNDERS ARE KEEPERS! I Found Her! My Pumpkin by right. So whoever has been casting furtive glances at her, PLEASE STOP!
I washed her up, scrubbed her down and rinsed her squeaky-clean. She now rests atop my cupboard proudly holding her own among my favorite things- My family, my friends, my diary, my letters, my trinkets, my warm bed and then her- Pumpkin!
When she smiles, I melt. Truth to God, I do! She beams and rays of sunshine dance in her eyes. My Pumpkin. I am so proud I found you! And by God it was in the nick of time! Had the river flooded, Pumpkin would have been buried and long forgotten before I would get the smarts the dig her up.
When I lay my head down on my bed and dream of my favorite things, I hear a voice, a soothing chuckling voice that can only be her. She told me in a dream that I as she is mine by right, I should name her MADDY as she came from the mud. That way she may never forget to smile because she is now in a better place. MY CUPBOARD!



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