Friday, April 08, 2016

That's What I like by Spottiswoode & His Enemies

Girls with glasses
on top of their asses
That's what I like
Big old fat ones
Yellow and black ones
That's what I like
Ladies from Boston with college degrees
Swimmers and gymnasts with knobbly knees
Working class mothers
and rich divorcées
That's what I like

Young ones with pimples
Fun ones with dimples
That's what I like
Sly ones and Strippers
Shy ones in slippers
That's what I like
Farmers' daughters
Engineers' wives
Girls who throw parties
Girls who throw knives
Spinsters who've made the most of their lives
That's what I like

But only just to look
Darling I promise I'll
[ incoherent ]
Born again Christians
[ incoherent ]
That's what I like
Brunettes redheads
Feminists deadheads
That's what I like
Girls who've been 30 for 25 years
Some they talk dirty
So cover your ears
Ladies who ride you like Charioteers
That's what I like

But only just to look
Darling I promise
[ incoherent ]

Vegetarians hooked on vitamins
Arabs ,Jews, senior citizens
Russians, Turks
Tutsis, Hutus
Busty girls from Tonga
in Tutus
Is it so strange Is it so wrong
I am not ashamed to sing this song
Because that's what I like
Yeah that's what I like
I like I like I like
I like I like I like
I like I like I like
That's what I like
That's what I like
That's what I like
That's what I like

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tell Freedom not to Worry

Tell Freedom not to worry.
She'll get to see the light
Of day
Tell Freedom not to fight
So hard
Justice is on her way
Once freed,
Justice won't dilly dally
but come straight to her door.
Why she's held up so by History isn't
Much of a mystery
We all know History to repeat himself.
Tell Freedom of Liberty
That proud son of of the soil
Felled in combat
Leaving behind a broken
Forgotten Legacy
And a battered Equality
Unstable on her two feet
Tell Freedom it all shall pass
She'll once more get to see the light
Of day

Monday, January 25, 2016

Twenty Seven Guns

Oh Uganda! May God uphold you
In the cusp of His forgiving hand
For thee is archaic in thy reasoning,
Thy functions wax temperamental

Once upon a time long forgotten now
We lay our future in thy constricting hand
United, Free-
Promises tossed around carelessly
Soon abandoned
In the dusts of history

For liberty
Brought to you by the Twenty Seven guns
Came in Limited Edition
Soon forgotten
They said,
Together we'll always stand
Such a lie,
Rather, together they've always stood

Oh Uganda! The land of Freedom
Hope, Faith and Matsiko
Beautiful names for beautiful people
Our love and labour we give
In dilapidated labour wards
And with neighbours all
Lamenting the state of nation we live
At our country's call
We give it all again

In peace and friendship we'll live

Oh Uganda! The land that feeds us
On a stable diet of rubber bullets, tear gas and
Chokefuls of dust
By sun and fertile soil nothing is grown
But our reticence.

For our own dear land,
We'll always stand
Apart and a part of a multi tribal, multi-racial crowd
Not yet there, and not yet beyond saving
The Pearl of Africa's Crown
Lies hidden deep in our hearts

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Happy Couple | Death Poem by Alysia Harris

There will come a day when the fear of death
Will be the favourite joke passed amongst corpses
And they are already laughing
My love please don’t be afraid
But there will come a day when field mice play
In our empty sockets. When our bones
Become homes for living creatures
Other than our egos
And when time jostles our skeletons
Out of the composition that is me
And you
And will write with us love letters that spell…
I owe you Eternity
If we believe in life after death
Then I often wonder why
We assume the dead like coffins
When people were never meant to live in boxes
So I pray that our children have the good sense
To leave us a little wiggle room
Leave us exposed like stray dogs in a thunderstorm
And I will hear the breeze but not know it as the breeze
And I will feel the rain but not know it as the rain
And I will behold the sky but not know it as the sky
Instead I will hear the breeze and think it’s your love
Returned into the hearth of my ears
And I will feel the rain and think it is the pinprick of your kiss
And when the rain is tender I will know that something has softened you
And when the rain is violent I will know something has shaken you
And in this newfound understanding without eyes or ears…or hands…or lips
Our bare bones will make love in the dirt never knowing our nakedness
The wind coursing through a calligraphy of weeds.
In our disrepair we have grown garden of ourselves
Sprouts of curious grass shooting from my eye sockets
Our knuckles, hard, smooth skipping stones
Meant for child’s play
And the devilish sun picking its way through your missing teeth
And neither one of us can keep from smiling these days
And the days go unnoticed
And the nights go unslept
And we talk with our souls
Through the holes in our ribs
Where organs once sat
Your skull and mine reduced to grins
Both washed clean of our skins
And our sins
Growing young again
Forgetting why we ever wrinkled
Why we ever furrowed our brows
With the plow of anger become
Become dust with me
Insignificant in every way
I will love you
Even after your marrow has become a whisper
In your bones
Nothing but a snickering of gravel
Let us soak in these spaces
Our shadows left behind
Your skeleton laced with mine
And I will tie your soles to my ankles
And know what it’s like to step into a dream
And you will try on my backbone
And see how bad it hurt
The day you said you were calling it quits
I don’t remember why you left
Or why you came back
I don’t know how many years have passed
Not really sure years passed at all
All I know is the rain falls you kiss me
Like a rainfall
The sun it bleaches us clear and every day is a romance
All this to say
All this to say we are already laughing
There is a wedding of earthworms and pebbles waiting
When our tuxedo skeletons no longer fit
There is a place for our faces to lie
Planted beside forever smiling
There is the place where we can be still
And in love
There exists a place where we can
Still be in love
Just two gentle skulls.


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