Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Child of the Wind

Did I not love you, child
Of the wind
I sent my regards in sighs
After I had done away with the dry
Tears. Of the ochre dress
Of the amniotic smears
Earth under my fingernails
Did I not nurture you, child
Of the womb
How I fumed
When you were forcefully weaned
From me
My love-child
Did I not protect you, child
For months you were mine, child—
And then suddenly you weren’t
A no-show to your own party
 But still—
Look around you
Look what I had to do
Pointy razor-sharp blades of green,
Green grass
Drawn for your protection, little lass
Thorns of rose bushes
Grown wild, gushes
Of deep, deep colour
Breaking your sickly pallor
Did I fail you, child
Festering beguiled
With redemption
A whiff
Lost forever to the wind
I won’t fail you again my child
I was meek, I was mild
Branded like cattle in
Angry shades of
Black and blue
Tattoos that washed off
With time
I won’t fail you this time, my child
Save me a few shy smiles
You forever remain mine
My child.



Lynn Gerrard said...

Your work is of such quality as to leave me in a state of permanent awe!...Your words reach into the soul of the reader, like fingers plucking at the strings of a guitar...always tending...but also teaching!...Another brilliant piece Sydney...excellent!

Sydney Mugerwa said...

Aww. I am flattered! Your comment is more potent and poetic than my poem. I should delete mine and post yours instead :)
Thank you Lynn!


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