Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Death trampled over men looking for empty room to breathe:  death trampled over men in haste to make his leave: death trampled over men , and trampled over souls and destroyed their homes so all that was left was dust and ashes.
Death wishes not to live here. It is not by design. He does not blindly wipe smiles from happy smile-for-the-camera faces, he does not randomly consume a lifetime of hellos and how are you’s and I love you’s. He does not hold sway over the lives LIFE has touched with that healing grace. He does not wipe the memories of those blessed souls that have lived good lives, and even those who are tarnished but not yet forgotten
Why does God allow Death free reign? Why blame God, why not the Devil? The thing is- neither holds sway. Death is not good, is not Evil. The sun grows the crops we feed on, but the sun causes drought and famine too. The rain sprouts new life with each fall. Nevertheless, the rain rots crops and drowns souls without a moment’s hesitation. Is it evil? Answer me that!
The cycle of life is as unbreakable and unchangeable as the sword of justice is blind. He strikes down friend or foe. The cogs that turn the wheels are so intricate we have to get out of ourselves so we can see the big picture. One soul does not a massacre make. One tear does not a river flow. Whence a tear flows, emotions follow; life is born even as another is lost.  
This is for Seraphi. The greatest Angel. Celebrate his life~ Do not mourn his death. His work is done.



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