Monday, December 05, 2011


I thought of you just now. The fault isn’t entirely my own; you have a knack for worming your way into my mind and tickling my senses. I am powerless to your charms.
So I guess it was for the best to build this wall between us. Emotions were running wild, expectations were chocking to the both of us. Our dreams were finally taking form. Naturally, I was afraid, as you were afraid given the unique nature of our relationship. Any slight complication could disentangle our attachment to each other at only a moments notice.
I know I can claim the obvious: you had poor health, incompatible character to mine, traits alien to mine; you were fickle, all which in essence is true. But the thing is, I have always been able to adapt seamlessly to those around me. I didn’t fall in love with your genes (If that is even possible) I fell in love with you!
Rabbit, do you even look for me in your dreams? Do you search for me in a crowd as I do? You told me about our songs, that when you hear them, the memories keep flooding back. As do mine. Do you still think of me?
I do.
Frankly, I would be surprised if you did. You were the initiator and you still were the stronger one, albeit the fickle one.
I am a solid mold of clay, soft and malleable and you are a block of limestone; hard and rough to touch. But the wind will chill you and the sun will heat you up and the rain will wash you away.
Aye, you were the stronger one, but God!- so brittle! Deep in my jar of hearts, I know my soul will not accept you: my soul has always known but my heart is so stubborn! She beats for you at every turn. My eyes lust for you, my fingers crave the feel of your skin; my nose the scent of your person, my ears the sweet, sweet sound of your voice, my lips the juicy taste of your mouth.
Drat! My soul won’t budge! He’s such a cool customer. He very well knows I have appraised what I saw. I have appreciated with all of my heart, but still, it’s not good enough for him. Should I tear myself in two to please both! I surely don’t need a soul that only gets in my way. I guess I have you to thank for my broken heart.



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