Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Ok. So I took long to type something, and so the eager green plants sprouted out of my keyboard. I wasn’t busy I should say. I turned my back just for a second and time whizzed by!
So, ok, I took long without getting time off. Now I have to remember who I am once again. Who was I? Why was I writing these Poemy and Prosy thingees? Dunno. Can’t remember. Cannibals ate my brain. I am certain my name starts with S…Springer(Jerry) ? Steve (Jobs?) Sloan? Superman? Maybe! Who knows! Hehehehe!
The year will go by and I ask, what have I achieved this year? How nearer am I to my goals? By this much! (Use your own thumb-index measurements) Steve Jobs claimed he thought up Apple when he was high on some trees. I think I should start climbing trees too. It’s where the inspiration is! Peace out!



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