Friday, December 16, 2011

The phoenix rises from the ashes!


What happens when the music stops? I surely cannot face the music- for it has stopped! The furtive winks are creepy as they step into the darkness. Stay still, play dead. Act dumb, weather the storm. Have it your way, however the wind blows.
From thought to dream to reality, no spaces in between. And no- she is not a pony and she doesnt eat rainbows and neither does she poop butterflies. Just your average Jill, the sun in her hair and the sky in her eyes standing alone at the back of the crowd, a storm quietly brewing in her mind.
Take time to know her, if she lets you. Temper the storm, quell the pangs: still the arm, before crimson spatter charts oceans in her white sheets. she pops smooth pebbles in her mouth to still her unsettled tummy. For how it grumbles!
I once came in time to save her. And so she sunk me! Drowned me in a murky lake of unsaid battles. Who won? Who lost? Don't look at me- Ask the passing wind.
The silence screamed the loudest. Eardrums exploded in my brain. Jarred my thoughts to the inevitability of the inevitable. The old me died that instant to be replaced by someone new.
The phoenix rises from the ashes!



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