Sunday, December 04, 2011



I trip over vowels and I am shamed again. A class act flops yet again. Consonants leer at me. Why did I have to go out of my way to say what I did? What can I say! What can I tell you! A pig will not grow wings and fly.
I trip over words and outclass myself. Verbal diarrhea redefined. I say it again. I outdo myself yet again. Romancing a stone never had a smooth sailing. I am on rocky ground. The earth tears my flesh with no remorse. The sky spits in my face to show me who is boss.
I annoy the sun when I sweat. She doesnt like it. Sunny smile she keeps telling me. I keep on sweating nonetheless. The earth is ticked off with how I walk. I walk funny. I get on her nerves, so she says. She wants to call it quits- I should stop treading on her. Either I walk like a normal person or she cuts off my legs! SERIOUSLY!
Yet I romance a stone. I kiss dead-cold lips hoping for an off chance she will warm up to me. Does she? Dont look at me- I dont read minds! I whisper sweet nothings in her snake deaf ears. She hears me not. We communicate in a language none of us can comprehend. What can I say now? My back is against a wall. I want to scream! \



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