Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The jugular

I go for the jugular when you least expect.
I jump from the shadows into your personal space.
I terrify.
I invade your person without a shred of regret.
Your slaps, your jeers, your screaming, I take it all as foreplay.
I sink my teeth.
Your blood spills.
Sweet sticky blood.
Emotion. Fear. Regret.
Eyebrows raised:
why do you have regret?
I don’t. life is for the living.
I move to your fireplace, court dying embers of flame.
The shadows dancing on the wall,
they transfuse the meaning behind the meaning of the words I mumble
between mouthfuls of you.
Do you love me still?
I am encased in ivory, embalmed in earth.
Behind the ivory prowls my restless soul;
so eager, so impatient- a lion in a cage.
Do you watch him too?
He needs release, as do you.
The confines of this material existence is soon so tiring.
Do you feel it too?



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