Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Facade of the Persona

Letters to a friend-to a stranger-
Written for the enemy-
These are
Slotted in the cracks
Of the façade of the walls
We custom built- they were
Written by hand, carelessly:
Fussed upon, labored upon
Cried upon; crumpled
Un-crumpled again, they did
What I said, only just
What I wanted done
Just. All I said was
Think outside the box, THE BOX!
You drew in the sky-
Drew and tried to fit in
The persona you created
They were
Misfits in the fitting store-
They were a word out of rhyme, out
Of line, said in haste
They were a word I wrote down
On a crumpled sheet
of paper- a word I no longer
I no longer remember
Was it the enemy-the friend
The stranger-turned-messenger
Had to ask
Where the crack in the
Façade of the persona
Who wrote the letter
Could be found
Could it
Be found?



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