Tuesday, November 29, 2011

City of My Birth

The train of my imagination crawls

Sputtering steam, puffing bellows

Of smoke

Out through my peculiar ears

Cringes to a halt.

Home at last- peace at last

I walk unabashed in dimly lit

Cobbled streets, but alas!

Where is everyone?

Single street lamp braves

the cold

Welcomes me.

Welcome home

Home at last

But alas, no one to welcome me


Hello?- Mrs…

Oops, I do not remember


Where goes the faces?

Where goes the names-

A beautiful town welcomes me

But alas, I did not dream up

Anyone to play on the streets-

To peek through the high windows

No hot meal awaits me

I should go to bed soon. Maybe then

The faces will crawl out from

My jumbled  thoughts



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