Thursday, September 01, 2011


I set out to be a Muslim
Was born into the faith
Marked for a servant of Allah
Before long, the Muslim Jihad
Pitted me against the Christian
So I backtracked and left
And settled with being Human

I set out to be a Christian
God’s little Lamb- Meek and Mild
Before long I felt left out
Lonely for humanity in the Potter’s House
Barred from fraternity with Unsaved Souls
So I abandoned camp
And settled with being Human

I set out to the Far East
Buddha blessed me, Shiva defended me
Brahma watched over my conflicting interests
With four unblinking pairs of eyes
But before long my mind’s eye wavered
Got suspended in consternation
How many more gods did I need to worship-?
When one could do
So I finally settled on one
I settled for humanity



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