Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Sleeping Child

…because the clouds crushed upon
The earth and crushed
Upon the sleeping child
she woke up from her sleep
In a fit. And sneezed
Into the sea. And the waves rose
As high as the blue sky
…and because God loved you
so much, he didn’t let you see
the Sea-men as they wept like
women frightened out
of their goose-pimpled skin
…because the waves crushed
Upon their naked chests and
Drummed upon their fluttering
Hearts like kettle-drums, their
Screams were screeched by
The Sea gulls who swooped to
their waiting women
Back at home, trying hard to
Hold back the dirty clouds that
Crushed upon the wasted earth, that
Crushed upon their sleeping babes
And crushed so hard that
Their protests died in
their sore throats



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