Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nobody Comes Up Empty Handed

I was
Dreaming of Death
Of the way He’s feared
Far worse than grasping for
Strands of merry laughter
In the silky wind
And coming up
Empty handed
I was dreading
Those curious glances
That awkward tangible silence
After I tripped
In an embarrassing social context
And grasped for the fabric of sky—
Steady myself
And coming up
Empty handed
Though not quite
Face, meet Earth.
Earth meet Nobody
For Nobody catches me
Nobody carries me
From obscurity to infamy
Nobody sews me a cloth of shadows
Hides me in masterful disguise
Caps the cesspit of indescribable shame
Spewing forth out of me
For I have come up empty handed


Lynn Gerrard said...

And yet as I read yet another outstanding piece of yours's plain to are not 'empty handed' have it all, my friend.....As always are a delight to read and one of the most talented artists I know!...

Sydney Mugerwa said...

I am really flattered Lynn :) Thank you so much for the appreciation


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