Thursday, June 28, 2012

Battle Scars


I fought my battles and these are my battle scars: I walk with a limp from the last time you mistook my head for a dumb-bell, my skin still itches from the time you spat at me, and then slapped me. My ears ring whenever you raise your voice above 2 decibels. My ears ring because you slapped me~ with words so heavy they choked me. You strangled me- in my sleep after we fought about where to spend the weekend, and I won. And for that you strangled me! Thank God for my thick neck or I would now be the wind that dries clothes on the line.
I fought many losing battles but at least I fought. I lost most of the battles but in the end I won something far greater. I won you over. Head over heels, I got you over-to my heart’s side. I plastered your spit like lotion on my face. My ears are tuned to your inner voice. I hear the voice of your heart that transcends spoken words. My battle scars labelled me for yours. No one dares trespass. I have your steady shoulder for whenever I limp. I have you by my side and that’s all that counts.



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