Monday, July 11, 2011

Of Afro hair Eccentricities

Of Afro-combs and super coiled, kinky blood-letting hair combing, of crazied hair styles, rebel hair some might call it. Think of me…as I once was, proud and arrogant with dark crown growing on my head. I grinned and sent shock-waves of unbidden terror in those coveting eyes…I had it!
I had it…I have it…No more…Some Braying JACKASS just cut me down to size… All barbers should be SHOT. On sight. I repeat…MURDERED in their little factories that trim off our pride and joy with unbidden malice.  This JACKASS cut off my Afro, right before my eyes…Just one snip and all was LOST. Right before my eyes!
You know, it takes months to work up the mantle of pride I had on my head. HAIR, Oh My! HAIR, I love the sound of that. With me Hair signifies security, coolness, sexiness, fear, I love it… that awesome black sheen of entangled black mass, gracing my head. I love the smooth texture, as I pass my lazy fingers through the thread-thin coils, pull them apart and snap, it breaks apart. Breaks off. African hair is awesome. It breaks and it does not hurt in the least.
I shouldn’t call it African hair though, the word African for centuries has been used to signify the African black, with black skin (should call it brown skin: I am yet to meet a black person), rippling muscles, tremendous resilience and strength. That is what is portrayed.
The African is black as they say, he is also Arab with olive skin and dark Arab hair, he is also white: a white black if you may, those from southern Africa. The African is Ethiopian, with coffee and milk skin and curls that grace those happy faces. The African is diverse. Point of note
Back to my African hair, what this barber did is unforgivable. To take you back, I go through this same humiliation every time I muster the courage to tame my mat of hair. You see after a while, my hair gets cocky, no comb can dig inroads into it. It calls a mutiny, I am African, not a rebel, not a Rastafarian. No, not me. Just African black. And rather neat. I comb my hair, brush my teeth, walk in shoes and say hi to strangers: if they look friendly enough. So I find myself needing the barber, if only just to reduce my PRIDE by degrees.
What this JACKASS did is unforgivable in my book of UNFORGIVABLE SINS AND UNFORGIVABLE SINNERS. If you saw how I looked right now, you would fall off your cushy seat in shameless laughter.
For lack of more appealing, more sensitive words, I look like an EMBRYO! You know, me before I grew this handsome face and lithe body, I used to be that, swimming in the sea of slimy translucent fluid. I am that now. Back to the sac!
To be frank right now, I am an alien with big head and bulging eye. My rather large nose is now out for all to see for lack of some thing better to look at when anyone sees me. Someone should be working on my arrest warrant…tonight, HEADS WILL ROLL! Watch this space…



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