Friday, July 08, 2011

Incoherent Cannibalist Mumblings

I want to cook you! Boil you up before it comes to your attention that I am on fire and you are standing in my way. I want to fry you up and eat you up! Crunchy!

You never tasted so good as now! Yum! All this while you kept your ‘delicious’ hoarded up inside you. You let me tongue you with no respite, all the while tiring me so I wouldn’t see further into your soul

Inside of you is bustling with sweetness, the pours of your veins ooze mud-brown chocolate goodness; your blood flows with blood-red wine intermixed with exhilaration. Every particle of you tickles my senses, my taste buds run amok, my tongue hangs out like a dogs, waving a white flag in defeat. My yellow eyes scream mutiny, darting here and there, looking for a quick exit. How they bulge out of their sockets, almost managing to pop out of their own free will. I shut my eyelids shut. I still have them for slaves!



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