Monday, January 25, 2016

Twenty Seven Guns

Oh Uganda! May God uphold you
In the cusp of His forgiving hand
For thee is archaic in thy reasoning,
Thy functions wax temperamental

Once upon a time long forgotten now
We lay our future in thy constricting hand
United, Free-
Promises tossed around carelessly
Soon abandoned
In the dusts of history

For liberty
Brought to you by the Twenty Seven guns
Came in Limited Edition
Soon forgotten
They said,
Together we'll always stand
Such a lie,
Rather, together they've always stood

Oh Uganda! The land of Freedom
Hope, Faith and Matsiko
Beautiful names for beautiful people
Our love and labour we give
In dilapidated labour wards
And with neighbours all
Lamenting the state of nation we live
At our country's call
We give it all again

In peace and friendship we'll live

Oh Uganda! The land that feeds us
On a stable diet of rubber bullets, tear gas and
Chokefuls of dust
By sun and fertile soil nothing is grown
But our reticence.

For our own dear land,
We'll always stand
Apart and a part of a multi tribal, multi-racial crowd
Not yet there, and not yet beyond saving
The Pearl of Africa's Crown
Lies hidden deep in our hearts



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