Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Roommate (Rant)

My roommate takes me there; he squishes me
Like toothpaste through a tube and teleports me to that tragic night
Believers would rather not be reminded of but are grateful nonetheless;
That night when the clueless Judas
Received his 30 pieces of silver and inadvertently saved us all.
He takes me to that hot, sober, angry earth, dirty orange cloudless Monday morn
When our poor Christ was hoisted up on reluctant beams of ancient wood
That hadn’t done anything wrong other than be nearest the poor
Old man with mouths to feed and an axe to grind who hacked
Through their flesh and prepped them up
For the grim business they were fated to carry out.
My roommate takes me there; takes me to that space that wafts
Of dry-spit sneezes in my direction and unchecked B.O wafting through folds of
He takes me there with my arms bound taut behind me and my legs
Kicked from under me that I free-fall into the filth of his processes
And I cannot even twitch away the fat flies buzzing around me.
I cannot speak for the welt-forged decorum burned into my flesh
With my dad’s generous leather belt and my mum’s lethal Stare-Me-Downs.
He has taken me there and I have arrived. Such a state I am in.
I am frothing at the mouth with just the right amount of bile
Balanced not to choke me while I am at it.
I am twitching in the eye and it has nothing to do with the teasing
Floodgates testing my resolve. I am twitching in the arm
And jerking in the leg with that
Kind of feeling but I know this time, there won’t be any saviours.
They nailed the last one on the cross in such a manner
That there haven’t been any takers since
Any second now I will unleash the dragon on him.
Somebody read him his last funeral rights and somebody
Give the boy some parchment so he can pen his last will and testament.
He makes for good kindle tonight.



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