Wednesday, September 04, 2013


My name is Kato
First born of my mum
The last one too.
“Son, your name, Kato,
You came forth from my womb
First born son-
The fruit of my bloom.”
Yes Mama, you say that a lot, Ha!
I was born twisted
Unorthodox creature
Mugged by the gods
Discarded in the works
Mama! Mama! Tell my story.
“Yes Son. You were born so badly deformed.
Legs so twisted, I winced in pain
I thought I would die
Your eyes searched east, west, south
But never at me
I felt your gaze
I loved you
I gazed Mama,
I knew I was yours 
Son, your dad, he took flight like a bird
At the sight of you,
I never blamed him though
You were born to me
Only for me.”
I was born of a temper
With a swing in tow
Born of the rage
That swallowed me whole.
I was born of the night
Not a twinkle of light
I was told by the gods
I wasn’t part of the plan
But still I tagged along.
“My broken boy was tough
Avenged me over and over
He broke bones for fun
Never a push-over
Overcompensated for what
He felt was his birthright
He came into this world
Weeping, weeping
For the gods who dumped him
Into my arms
He left this world weeping, weeping
When at last he knew
That it needn’t have tried
So hard
I loved him
Love him
My poor broken boy
I love him
With all that I am”



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