Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rabbit Stew

Permit me bid you adieu,
Oh you! Tyrant!
I beg thee gone-
This instant!
Dissipate in the mists
Apparition of darkness
That you be
I buried you!
I did! I did!
Grim-faced men
Dressed in Kanzu
Lowered you
Buried you
In your mother’s Shamba
Release me from this
Release me now!
I beg thee
You are not that gentleman
My mind’s eye just spied
Across the corner on Nasser Road
You are not that man,
Who grinned at me with your
Infectious smile
I beg thee gone
You are not this monster
Rearing its ugly head
In my head
You are not me
You are not you anymore-
You are dead!
Six feet under
Mating with worms and beetles
Reflecting on your misdeeds
Get that in your thick head!
Will you?
I am not to blame
Therefore father of mine
I bid thee gone
From this life
From my life



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