Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jaws of Death

The body shudders, the skin prickles, the eyes mist and a fear takes root in my soul. It washes over me, sprinkling goose bumps all over my body. A smattering of apologies and I will be on my way, thank you very much.
The chemicals are to blame.  Perhaps the tripod flame burned too bright, so fast , died out so soon, I didn’t get the chance to observe whatever it was that unfolded before my eyes and within the blink of an eye was gone ~poof!
The shoulders are to blame. Shouldn’t have been so broad. The neighbors are to blame, shouldn’t have been so close. The sun is to blame, shouldn’t have been so punctual, so indifferent, so right, so beautiful, like you.  I am to blame, I shouldn’t have loved you, I swear it’s true, but now I do, what should I do?
How deep is the well? The frog leaped headfirst and we haven’t got word of him, perhaps he drowned. I felt I had drowned with him. Was he a sliver of my front facing, ever beating, rib-caged heart. Was he attached to me, or am I hallucinating, that can’t be true.  Was he simply a frog that made me ponder, ponder ponder…



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