Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sorrow's Child

Your love was my morning song
‘twas the birds that sang
You sang to me
I loved your song
Swayed to rise and fall
Of your chest, your heart-
Locked in that cream-coated
Ever-warm, unbridled chest
Your love left a spatter on the walls of my soul
Your love rose from the depths of your existence
It became my sustenance.
I fed off you
That was then
Now without

Your love, left a spatter on my face,
A horror frozen in place
Your love claimed what was hers
I am hers
She claimed my limbs
One by one
How they tremble in the shadow
Of your memory
Your love corrupted my heart, my mind
Skips back to the time that was
When I was yours
Your beautiful eyes
Still look at the world through mine
I see what you would have seen
What you would have liked
You would have liked me
Perhaps noticed me
No one else did.

Now without you
I slink back to the shadows
The darkness that claimed you
Knows me by my first name
Your love…
Is my mourning song



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