Monday, September 26, 2011

Who Do You think You Are?

Urban Legends are sourced from the grapevine. Alternative rock made me think twice, no not the ballads: it is the strumming of strings, the beating of drums, orchestra of a handful, a soul buzzing of instrumental. I am content. Yes.

The silence becomes me.
What of girls who warm bench at the end of the line? What say you? They await me to start convo, pause convo- do the refrain and just about everything else. I take horse to water and drink in his place. Screw it. I am going solo. 50-50 or the deal is off!
The silence defines me.
Silky voice entices, reels me in. soulful, soulful. Piano provides the pace, guitar melts the heart, Oh Little Drummer Boy, do your thing. For today, I am in bliss. Outer silence- inner din. Catalyst to genius. I write, I write for the pen cries. I bleed him dry. From his blood you shall know my name. Take me not for granted.
The definition of silence becomes me.



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