Thursday, August 25, 2011

1000 views and still waiting...for what?

word from me. first off, word of thanx, for those who read my incoherent garbage. thanx for coming. i sincerely hope you dont leave this page more confused than i am.
a bit about me, i take two steps out of this shell i have grown around me all my life and then decide its not worth it, so i go back inside. I PUSH PEOPLE! (not shove them off the curb! xD)
those who happen to be acquainted with me should know - i have divorced you from my mind so many times, and accepted you just as many times. in a space of one minute! i push and pull...PUSH AND PULL...
call it a mental tag of war- who wins, YIN or YANG? my heart tells me everyday to abandon everything,close shop and skip town. deactivate my blog, my facebook, twitter,unbond myself from my friends,online and real life and just pretend i never existed. it must be the buzzing in my head,or is it the ringing in my ear? i cant tell anymore. i just want to hibernate. i feel this self destructive urge unlearn my human need. but i try. I TRY!!
i really hope i stay still as you zero in on that kiss! i could run off screaming...MUMMY!!!!



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