Monday, May 18, 2009

new beginnings

weird thing how time flies.the first time i opened this
site,i was a child just trying to understand the world of emotions,reality,love, and my mind was fresh and untainted.not like now.a few years have served to open my eyes beyond my wildest dreams.i have put away the childish things you could say.
i have experienced my first working environment at this job i landed and much as i make enough pocket money to buy chewing gum,it still suffices. It's a long way from the time i went to school and when everyone came prepared for school with grub and all i had were a few books and a mouthful of smiles! that wouldnt do for sure!
by way of introducing myself,i'm who i am.a poet by right,a thief in the night,an angel to some,a devil to others.a sore wound,.that is the way i am.


FoodieLover said...

i like this post.. :)


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